about me

My name is Alex. I've been developing software for over twenty years, initially as a hobbiest game developer, then as a professional software engineer working in the education and defense sectors. I have extensive experience with Java, C, C++ and full stack web development using a variety of technologies.

I have been a part of end-to-end product development, from early R&D through shipping the finished product and providing engineering support (both remotely and in the field). Much of my career has included working closely with the military, including lengthy stints working with military training commands.

Increasingly I've been working on modern web development in my spare time, using Node.js, React, Redux and MongoDB to build Simian Stack.

In addition to the technologies and languages mentioned above, I have experience with the following:

  • A broad range of web technologies including HTML, CSS, ECMAScript, PHP, Tomcat, NGINX, and GWT
  • Various databases including MySQL, MariaDB and H2
  • Microsoft Accessibility, including extensive experience with UI Automation and MSAA
  • OpenGL (both the ancient fixed pipeline and newer ES)
  • iOS and OS X application development in both Objective-C and Swift
  • A variety of scripting languages, including python, bash, powershell and Windows batch scripts

My passions these days include refining my craft as a software engineer, building tools that facilitate effective team communication and time management, and building a wonderful life with my amazing wife, Kelsey.